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How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon on a Budget

Not sure how to begin planning your honeymoon on a budget? Follow these 8 steps and you newlyweds are ready to go! Because your wedding is the best excuse to travel! In fact, it’s downright expected for you and your spouse-to-be to treat yourselves to a well-deserved vacation after all the stress of wedding planning. And if you are on a restricted budget, don’t let that deter you from having the perfect honeymoon! Where do you want to go to on your dream getaway? Beach bums can hit up a tropic

Why Travel Solo?

Why choose to travel alone? Well, why not? Because family vacations are too hectic. Because you’re not in a relationship that qualifies for a romantic getaway. Because you just want to. And that’s pretty darn rad. Okay, so maybe you’re not swayed to pack a bag and hop a flight to anywhere by your lonesome just yet. That’s understandable. Because it’s risky and dangerous and really, who can you trust when you’re all alone in a foreign country? But to have that experience, the awesome adventure,

My Friends Are Having Babies And I Just Want to Travel the World

First comes love. Then comes mortgage. Then comes the baby that will eat up what ever finances you have left for the rest of its life. Behold. The basic lifestyle formula of my peers. Forgive me. I know it’s faux pas to think of a child as just another expensive obligation but… but yeah, I can’t seem to change the way I feel about kids. I don’t have the stamina, money, willpower or free time to dedicate myself to raising a tiny perpetually drunk person right now. Nor are my husband and I even a

5 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Date Night

You have to admit, the dinner and a movie trope has become a bit blasé. Whether you and your spouse have been together for thirty years, or you’re re-entering the dating scene for the first time in thirty years, everyone appreciates a change up from the typical dating routines. The best, most memorable dates are the ones that open you up to new experiences, and that’s a fact at any age. So here are 5 fresh, yet classic-in-the-making date ideas for you and your partner. You may have lived in th

Women: Why Travel Solo After 50?

You could peruse these travel sites for hours learning all each woman’s personal motivations and experiences, but I’ve compiled a short list of the top reasons why women are traveling solo. 1. Traveling solo gives you a chance to reflect. Do you need a change? Are you going through midlife? Embarking on a solo vacation allows you a chance to take a step back from daily life, and reflect. You can explore and analyze your future possibilities without any outside advice or pressure. Has your job

6 Health Benefits of Man's Best Friend

Every pet owner is familiar with the cozy feeling of cuddling up to your best and furriest friend. Perhaps you can’t quite put your finger on why recounting the intimate details of your day, or sharing a snack with your dog makes you feel just plain good, but some doctors are trying to. A number of studies regarding pet guardians and their health have surfaced in recent years, and they all pretty much say the same thing: dogs are good for you. Dog guardians exercise more, it’s that simple. Acco

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Underground Pool - Issue Four

Underground Pool Letter from the Editors In the fourth edition of Underground Pool, we’d like to share a collection of writing that takes the reader into the finicky nature of searching. You will encounter many different narrators and voices that range from chaotic and panicked to determined and restless as a result of searching in today’s fast paced society. The narrators are often trying to make sense of their world by seeking out something that will hopefully give them understanding to how it works and who they are inside of it. The poems in this edition all have a certain quality of longing for love, for acceptance and for recognition that always stays with you through life to a certain degree, but is amplified while you’re young and in the progress of finding your place in the world. Some of the poems deal with a particular romanticized version of longing, not a lust, but rather a desire for the façade of completeness that being in a relationship provides. There is also a darker edge to the searching for one’s self: rejection. A few of the poems tackle this scorned edge of searching as well. The poems range from the truly sentimental, as you’ll read about the adoration of someone’s hands, nose and laugh in “Noses”, to the disdainful, as you’ll read in “On Love”, a poem that tactfully whisks you from sexualized love to the love of a childhood pet. In this magazine is a collection of short stories by a selection of talented young writers. The characters they have crafted all find themselves searching for something, both in a literal and introspective sense, just out of reach—from beer in a father’s fridge to love at first sight to even a legendary African beast. These searching, hunting, longing protagonists reflect how college often becomes a time we spend searching to find ourselves, our art, and our futures. This edition of Underground Pool strives to encompass that complex feeling that is growing up in today’s world. Nichole Celauro Fiction Editor Veronica Zabczynski Poetry Editor

Underground Pool - Spring 2013 Issue

Underground Pool, the student literary magazine of the University of the Arts, is published each spring by the Creative Writing program. Each issue features short stories, poetry and artwork by current undergraduates at UArts. Submissions are read and reviewed by students in the Creative Writing Major and Creative Writing Minor and Program Director Elise Juska. Copies of the Spring 2014 issue of Underground Pool are available in the Creative Writing Student Lounge on the 8th floor of Terra Hall